Benefits of Aerial Arts

By admin

Aerial arts have transcended from its stereotyped function of existing only as part of circus performances and acrobatic acts into special fitness programs offered in dance studios and gyms.

Nowadays, aerial hoop, trapeze, and aerial silks (among others) have become sources of both entertainment and options for health conditioning regimes. People who have tried gym memberships without success stick with aerial classes, because they don’t feel like a workout.


Benefits of aerial fitness


Will help you build strength

Whether or not you have good upper-body strength, aerial is for you!  Aerial fitness requires a lot of upper-body and core strength but you gain that while learning the moves. After only a few classes, you are likely to notice a change and very soon, those very first moves that once seemed so hard, will just be a piece of cake!


Will help you increase your flexibility

Aerial fitness will help increase flexibility in your body with minimal impact. As you perform the tricks off the ground, you will strengthen your joints and ligaments. Flexibility is then increased when your body has more freedom to move.


Will help you build balance and coordination

With aerial fitness you will not only build your strength but you will also have greater control of your movements and you will increase your body awareness and balance.


Will help you relieve stress

Aerial fitness is a great way to reduce stress. It will help you to release tension, and elevate your mood.  After all, it’s hard to be stressed when you are having fun.


Will help embrace your inner dancer

Executing routines on your aerial equipment, whether freestyle or choreographed, will allow you to express yourself creatively and work on your artistic skills. 


Will help you increase your confidence

Last, but definitely not least, aerial fitness will help you build your self- confidence. Whether it’s a new trick or a new way of moving that is completely outside of your comfort zone,  every time you come to class, you are challenging yourself to try something new. Something about lifting yourself up onto your aerial equipment and doing something you couldn’t do just weeks before, can be so satisfying.